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visual art
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garth art
view recent sculptural work by michael garth
venue the artist’s residence 468 butterwick rd butterwick nsw 2321 (5km from paterson)
dates 17 - 18 nov, 24 - 25 nov, 1 - 2 dec, 8 - 9 dec, 15 - 16 dec 2007
saturdays and sundays only
time 10am - 7pm (the artist will be onsite during these hours)
phone (02) 4938 5609

minds, maps and places

video and artwork by 9 - 12 year olds
and new media artist theresa schubert

shop 350 high street maitland
free entry wed - sat 11am - 2pm
a maitland regional art gallery education project

Throughout June and July 2007 video and new media artist Theresa Schubert worked with three hundred

9-12 year olds from Kitchener, Williamtown, Congewai, Greta, Murrurundi and Telarah Public Schools in a free Maitland Regional Art Gallery (MRAG) Education Program. This program was devised to support ‘ Wanderlust’ a traveling exhibition of Artists’ books by Adelaide artists Alexander Arcus and Liz Jeneid.

Wanderlust was exhibited at MRAG Throughout July and August 2007. Like the Wanderlust artists, the students documented their own everyday travels through drawings, maps, diary entries and recorded interviews. These works have been collated and animated by Theresa Schubert in an interactive video installation entitled Maps, Minds & Places.

building sites taking shape
launched 29 september 2006
6.00pm at Reading Cinema, Maitland

'Building Sites Taking Place' is about the transformation of well known Maitland public buildings which are perceived in a very specific way having only utilitarian purposes. The buildings are most likely to be the last place where art may be expected to be created or placed on show to be viewed.

'Building Sites Taking Place' has invited four installation artists, each creating a piece of contemporary art. The artists and sites include, Mini Graff (street based art) Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Fiona Davies (Textiles and Mixed Media) Maitland Hospital, Michelle Maartensz (Digital Media) Reading Cinema and Christine McMillan (Found Objects/Mixed Media) Maitland Town Hall. Their artworks will challenge any preconceived views of what is art.

The works of art will be in situ for four weeks but the creation will be part of the experience in which the public will be able to partake in watching the transformation take shape. This transformation can be viewed throughout three Installation Tours, Friday 15 September, Tuesday 26 September and Monday 9 October.

Click on an artist below to learn more about their project.

| Fiona Davies | Mini Graff |
| Michelle Maartensz | Christine McMillan

View of Delft
Jan Vermeer

river walk
with local historian Wayne Campbell
Sunday 23 July 2006 2.00pm

Starting at Maitland Regional Art Gallery (MRAG), walk through the mall to the Belmore Bridge and see where the artists in the current exhibition at MRAG, View of Maitland from the riverbank (with apologies to Jan Vermeer and View of Delft) painted en plein air in preparation for the exhibition. Along the way you will have the opportunity to explore the history and architecture of Maitland.

Walking back to MRAG along the river Wayne will continue his heritage walk, drawing attention to Maitland’s newest public art The River Prayer Poles by artists Michael Garth and Peter Joass.

members $10.00
non members $15.00

price includes afternoon tea and light
refreshments which will be served in the art gallery.

in focus
3 december 2005 - 15 january 2006
opening saturday 3 december 2.00pm

a photographic essay on the diverse achievements of people with disabilities who participate in our communities

steam in the streets

Tracks by Night
Ian de Gruchy
15 - 17 April 2005

'Steam in the Streets' wil coincide with the award winning steamfest and will light up five buildings in the centre of Maitland during the annual Steamfest Weekend.

The lighting, and making of colour stencil images at night is not a new art form. The innovative aspect of this project however is that it has rarely been available to residents of regional Australia in their home cities. Through 'Steam in the Streets' Maitland is ensuring that this omission is addressed while also offering the community an opportunity to look at heritage and historic buildings with a new vision.

In past years, Steamfest has always been site specific. Through 'Steam in the Streets', this successful event will extend the large audiences to take in other parts of the city. The images will lead the public from the main venue of Steamfest through the streets of Maitland to the city centre, where in the Heritage Mall, night activities particularly responding to the needs of families and children and a mini festival in its own right, will centre again around engines and other like machinery.

A professional artist who has created these effects, particularly in Melbourne, will be invited to visit Maitland and commissioned to make stencils which at night will light and show images on the side of buildings which are large and open to view from High Street, the main thoroughfare in Maitland. Although the images although may be abstract, they will nevertheless relate and pay homage literally or metaphorically to steam, engines and all things railway.